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What Do You Know about Fayoum?

The Name (Al- Fayoum)

     It was named (Mir Ware) which means the great sea when the water was flooding all the depression of Fayoum. Then it was called (Sdt Sdt) which means the Abstract Lake Land; based on land reclamation operations by taking it from the lake. In the Greek Roman era it was under the name (Crocoddilipolis) because of the existence of the crocodile which was worshiped under the name (god Sobek), and was also named (BarSobek): the house of god Sobek. After that the name changed to (Arsenauy) in the honor of the wife's sister of PtolemyII (Philadelphus).The name was mentioned in text Q10 and Q11 which has the Dimutiqy origin P3-ym (Baym) means the lake which mutates to Fayoum. Finally the Egyptian definite article was added to become:

                                                (Al- Fayoum)

Fayoum Slogan:

     The slogan of Fayoum consists of the Egyptian Flag and its eagle to express the governorate proud of belonging to the motherland.

The Slogan Frame

     The slogan frame is yellow points to the desert which surrounds the land of the governorate.

The Slogan Ground

     The green color in the ground points to the agriculture nature of Fayoum.

The National Day

     Fayoum celebrates its national day on the fifteenth of March(15-3) every year. This day is the memory of resisting the English occupation during the 1919 revolution. This day comes in the beginning of the spring when nature is perfect in Fayoum.


The Waterwheels

     The waterwheels are considered one of the most important features in Fayoum, as it is the only governorate in Egypt which enjoys this type of waterwheels. The waterwheels were based in the slogan of Fayoum due to its important role in irrigation and agriculture.


Qaroun Lake

     Qaroun Lake is considered one of the most ancient natural monuments in the world. It was connected to the history of Fayoum since its construction when it was covering the whole region's area. Therefore the lake is an essential element in the slogan.


Tourist Attraction Elements

Come to Fayoum to Enjoy:

  • Its year round moderate climate.
  • Its clear environment.
  • Its site; 90 km from Cairo.
  • Its monuments; Pharaonic, Greek-Roman, Coptic and Islamic.

All combine to make Fayoum an exceptional destination to visit.

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