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Tunis Pottery Festival

23rd to 25 th November

Holding cultural events is an effective way for attracting tourists especially those interested in cultural and human heritage, in this context an event intended to revive the Fayoum cultural heritage of pottery art; it is called Tunis Pottery Festival.
The art of pottery is deeply rooted in Fayoum Governorate supports some villages (i.e. Tunis, Com oshim and Al Nazla) known for their pottery works. However, the festival will be held in Tunis village, located in the far west of Lake Qarun where the art of pottery is well established. Tunis has a reputable school of pottery in addition to some artisan's studio for processing and marketing purposes. The calmness and the beauty of Tunis have reflected the unique style of pottery. The festival is held every year from 23rd to 25 th of November and organizes workshops and cultural seminars.

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